Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Another Shot At Love by Niecey Roy

What a delightful romance comedy!  
A must read!
Follow Gen as she rediscovers the true meaning of friendship. family, and love.
From selfish ex to blind dates to......ALIENS?????
There's never a dull moment! 
Will Mr. Right come along in the form of role playing gamer Robbie, or sultry,shy,secretive Matt.
Throw in a crazy sister becoming Bridezilla before her wedding and a very pregnant emotional sister who is seven months pregnant and convinced her cop of a husband is cheating on her!
Wild and funny times in the ole town tonight. Of course no good romance is complete with some steamy erotic scenes when true love does finally hit! 
Anxiously awaiting #2!       5 stars

The Lucky Bullet by H.S. Strickland

I really enjoyed this book. You can tell the author put a lot into the characters. They each have there own POV which I really enjoy that.

Mace is a man that has a horrible past. Phew has suffered serious lose and more than once. He now keeps him self guarded. He works as a personal investigator of sorts, he does what cops can't. And when he is shot, he ends up in her ER.

Araylia better known as Ray, is a doctor at an ER. She works her ass off to provide for her and her 3 year old son Liam. He is what drives her everyday. She has suffered through an abusive relationship with Luke and now it is just her and Liam. She has 3 older brothers and her Nanny to help her though.  Then one night he comes into her ER.

Ray and Mace meet and have that instance chemistry. Which is apparent with Mace! Their relationship happens fast. It goes from one date to Ray and Liam having to move in with Mace.

This was an intense book. I did find that once I started it, it was hard to put this down. I can't wait to read more from this other.  This is a stand alone book.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Eraser Lilac

Eraser Lilac by Megan Keith is the third book in the Eraser series. Mackenzie has admired mystery man for months. Now "Sir" want more than the one night he told Mackenzie it would only be. She agrees to try to be his submissive. He wants nothing more than to have Mackenzie be his. "Sir" is still being private about his real name and Mackenzie thinks he is hiding something because of it. Mackenzie has dreamt of this moment for months and still cant believe he wants her and he wants more. "Sir" has brought her more pleasure in bed than she even thought possible. "Sir" feels that is she finds out who he truly is, she will not want to be with him. He has promised he would never lie, but could keeping a secret about who he is put a stop to this relationship? When Mackenzie finds out his real name, she is shocked, but how will she handle the truth?

Quote-"Look at me, me," he insisted when her eyes faltered And she did. She obeyed him, keeping her eyes fixed on his, reminding him that she was exactly what he was after. He admired her obedience and was glad she sometimes fought him a little, which he too admired, she wasn't opposed to his inclinations. She was willing t try and that was important- he had many things he wanted her to try in their future.

This book is a dark erotica romance that contains some BDSM.

Eraser Blue

Megan Keith's Eraser Blue is the second story to Eraser. When "Sir" doesn't show up at his regular time on Friday night, Mackenzie feels disappointed to say the least. Her and Alex, the bartender, start to close down when someone comes in. "Sir" is there and wants to take Mackenzie home with him. He starts to tell his name when a noise distracts them. When Mackenzie goes outside she finds "Sir" in an argument with a stranger. "Sir" gets in the car and leaves but not before seeing the disappointment on her face. The next day "Sir" sends her flowers and request she let him make it up to her by taking her out to dinner. His driver picks her up and takes her to his house, where the dinner is being served. "Sir" realizes that this "relationship thing" is harder than he thought. He doesn't want Mackenzie to leave tonight. The next morning Mackenzie is awakes to a surprise. After a misunderstanding, can "Sir" prove he really wants more than a one night and will
 Mackenzie forgive him?

Quote-He stood taller, a new plan forming in his head. He needed to redeem himself in her eyes. She shouldn't be doubting his interest in her. She needed to know that his past would be erased with her. It begins and ends with Mackenzie.

This book is a dark erotica romance that contains some BDSM


Eraser by Megan Keith is an erotic novella. Mackenzie Reed worked in an upscale bar/lounge for several years. For the past several months she has admired the mysterious man that comes in every Friday night. On a particular slow night he invites her to sit and talk. He propositions her for a night of pleasure. He also tells her there are some rules. It will be a one night stand, no repeats, and she will only address him by "Sir". When this couple gets together it is like fireworks on the fourth of July. The next morning he tells her to leave. She is a little disappointed by knew it was one night. "Sir" loved Mackenzie's sassy attitude. He has wanted her for a awhile but will one night be enough?

Quote-"Why should I go with you? what have you got to offer me?" she asked anyway, feeling cheeky, a grin appearing on her lips.

"I can offer you pleasure like you've never known before." The grin left Mackenzie's face. I will make you change your perspective on what good sex feels like. Once you've been with me, you will compare every man you are with afterwards to me. I will erase every memory of every man you have ever been with, good and bad."

"How can you be so sure?" she asked her voice small and quiet.

"Because I know you."

This book is a dark erotica romance, which contains BDSM.


We continue on Isabel and Marc journey as they strive to discover true love and make a life that is worth fighting for.
The problem is, someone doesn't want them together, And they will stop at nothing to keep them apart.
Marc must make some painful decisions, Isabel must fight for what she wants.
Rich in detail and  compelling in characterization. Hope to see more of Marc and Isabel as their relationship grows, and they overcome the past and grow towards the future.


Things are not always what they seem.
Sometimes we would rather not know the truth.
They say truth sets you free. Does it? Or does it drag you deeper into your own shadows that you can never seem to penetrate?
Meet Catarina.
Meet Marco. 
Find what awaits them in the dark.
A fast paced book of excitement and devotion, this book will touch your heart and keep it pumping until the very end!
Four stars!