Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Another Shot At Love by Niecey Roy

What a delightful romance comedy!  
A must read!
Follow Gen as she rediscovers the true meaning of friendship. family, and love.
From selfish ex to blind dates to......ALIENS?????
There's never a dull moment! 
Will Mr. Right come along in the form of role playing gamer Robbie, or sultry,shy,secretive Matt.
Throw in a crazy sister becoming Bridezilla before her wedding and a very pregnant emotional sister who is seven months pregnant and convinced her cop of a husband is cheating on her!
Wild and funny times in the ole town tonight. Of course no good romance is complete with some steamy erotic scenes when true love does finally hit! 
Anxiously awaiting #2!       5 stars

The Lucky Bullet by H.S. Strickland

I really enjoyed this book. You can tell the author put a lot into the characters. They each have there own POV which I really enjoy that.

Mace is a man that has a horrible past. Phew has suffered serious lose and more than once. He now keeps him self guarded. He works as a personal investigator of sorts, he does what cops can't. And when he is shot, he ends up in her ER.

Araylia better known as Ray, is a doctor at an ER. She works her ass off to provide for her and her 3 year old son Liam. He is what drives her everyday. She has suffered through an abusive relationship with Luke and now it is just her and Liam. She has 3 older brothers and her Nanny to help her though.  Then one night he comes into her ER.

Ray and Mace meet and have that instance chemistry. Which is apparent with Mace! Their relationship happens fast. It goes from one date to Ray and Liam having to move in with Mace.

This was an intense book. I did find that once I started it, it was hard to put this down. I can't wait to read more from this other.  This is a stand alone book.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Eraser Lilac

Eraser Lilac by Megan Keith is the third book in the Eraser series. Mackenzie has admired mystery man for months. Now "Sir" want more than the one night he told Mackenzie it would only be. She agrees to try to be his submissive. He wants nothing more than to have Mackenzie be his. "Sir" is still being private about his real name and Mackenzie thinks he is hiding something because of it. Mackenzie has dreamt of this moment for months and still cant believe he wants her and he wants more. "Sir" has brought her more pleasure in bed than she even thought possible. "Sir" feels that is she finds out who he truly is, she will not want to be with him. He has promised he would never lie, but could keeping a secret about who he is put a stop to this relationship? When Mackenzie finds out his real name, she is shocked, but how will she handle the truth?

Quote-"Look at me, me," he insisted when her eyes faltered And she did. She obeyed him, keeping her eyes fixed on his, reminding him that she was exactly what he was after. He admired her obedience and was glad she sometimes fought him a little, which he too admired, she wasn't opposed to his inclinations. She was willing t try and that was important- he had many things he wanted her to try in their future.

This book is a dark erotica romance that contains some BDSM.

Eraser Blue

Megan Keith's Eraser Blue is the second story to Eraser. When "Sir" doesn't show up at his regular time on Friday night, Mackenzie feels disappointed to say the least. Her and Alex, the bartender, start to close down when someone comes in. "Sir" is there and wants to take Mackenzie home with him. He starts to tell his name when a noise distracts them. When Mackenzie goes outside she finds "Sir" in an argument with a stranger. "Sir" gets in the car and leaves but not before seeing the disappointment on her face. The next day "Sir" sends her flowers and request she let him make it up to her by taking her out to dinner. His driver picks her up and takes her to his house, where the dinner is being served. "Sir" realizes that this "relationship thing" is harder than he thought. He doesn't want Mackenzie to leave tonight. The next morning Mackenzie is awakes to a surprise. After a misunderstanding, can "Sir" prove he really wants more than a one night and will
 Mackenzie forgive him?

Quote-He stood taller, a new plan forming in his head. He needed to redeem himself in her eyes. She shouldn't be doubting his interest in her. She needed to know that his past would be erased with her. It begins and ends with Mackenzie.

This book is a dark erotica romance that contains some BDSM


Eraser by Megan Keith is an erotic novella. Mackenzie Reed worked in an upscale bar/lounge for several years. For the past several months she has admired the mysterious man that comes in every Friday night. On a particular slow night he invites her to sit and talk. He propositions her for a night of pleasure. He also tells her there are some rules. It will be a one night stand, no repeats, and she will only address him by "Sir". When this couple gets together it is like fireworks on the fourth of July. The next morning he tells her to leave. She is a little disappointed by knew it was one night. "Sir" loved Mackenzie's sassy attitude. He has wanted her for a awhile but will one night be enough?

Quote-"Why should I go with you? what have you got to offer me?" she asked anyway, feeling cheeky, a grin appearing on her lips.

"I can offer you pleasure like you've never known before." The grin left Mackenzie's face. I will make you change your perspective on what good sex feels like. Once you've been with me, you will compare every man you are with afterwards to me. I will erase every memory of every man you have ever been with, good and bad."

"How can you be so sure?" she asked her voice small and quiet.

"Because I know you."

This book is a dark erotica romance, which contains BDSM.


We continue on Isabel and Marc journey as they strive to discover true love and make a life that is worth fighting for.
The problem is, someone doesn't want them together, And they will stop at nothing to keep them apart.
Marc must make some painful decisions, Isabel must fight for what she wants.
Rich in detail and  compelling in characterization. Hope to see more of Marc and Isabel as their relationship grows, and they overcome the past and grow towards the future.


Things are not always what they seem.
Sometimes we would rather not know the truth.
They say truth sets you free. Does it? Or does it drag you deeper into your own shadows that you can never seem to penetrate?
Meet Catarina.
Meet Marco. 
Find what awaits them in the dark.
A fast paced book of excitement and devotion, this book will touch your heart and keep it pumping until the very end!
Four stars!

Review for Love is a Fire

5 Stars

Love is a Fire by Lyssa Layne is the first book I have read by her and will certainly not be the last. This book had it all from romance, a little drama, jealous ex's, to most importantly hot, sexy fireman. It was just enough of a mix that keeps you wanting to turn the pages till you finished it.
Dr. Katherine Malone has given up on love. She has lost everyone close to her including her dad that was a fireman. Dr. Malone has to check on a patient that happens to be a proby from  Firehouse 58. This is when she meets fireman Nick Garrity. Nick is almost thirty and thought he would be married and have kids by now, but he hasn't found the right person to fit being Mrs. Garrity. As soon as has he sees her, he knows she is the one, but can he get her to take a chance on love? 

"I don't want to be taken care of by anyone other than you, Nick. I want you to come home to our son and me. Above of else, I want you to be my husband!" Katy sighed an let her voice return to its normal volume. "I just want you." Nick reached for her hand and rubbed his thumb over hers. "Baby, I won't promise you that I won't get hurt, but I will promise you that I'll always do everything I can to get home to you and our family safely." Katy nodded as she leaned forward for a hug. "I'll take that promise."

This book is a whirlwind romance, where two people take a chance on love hoping not to get burned as they have in the past. I couldn't put this book done. I would recommend this book and am looking for to the next series.

review of In Pursuit by Olivia Luck.

4 out of 5 stars

In Pursuit is a story about a woman named Edith, or Eddie as she likes to go by, who

escapes her dismal life in Arlington, Virginia, to make a new start in Chicago.

There, she moves in with a friend of a friend. Her beautiful roommate Claire seems

to have issues of her own. She is moody and does everything she can to stop Eddie

from being with her gorgeous brother Harris.

Harris himself is moody, overprotective, and is hiding secrets of his own. Even so,

Eddie and Harris have found a deep bond and they fall for each other instantly.

Unfortunately outsides forces are wreaking havoc on their relationship and it is

tearing them apart.

The author did an amazing job with this story. The characters were easy to like and

the story flowed wonderfully throughout the book. Eddie is just a normal girl like

the rest of us and we just want to see her get her Prince Charming. I can’t wait to

read book 2.

Review of Emma Chase Sins Of The Father

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️4.5 stars

I was given a copy of this book from the author for an honest review!

WOW! This is a powerful book. It tells the story of a strong women who has been put through hell and made her way back.

Emma Chase hasn't had the life that a girls dream of. She has had the life that no one wants. The life that you say "that wouldn't happen to me". She has been dealt the shittiest cards. Her mother passed away when she was to young to remember and her father is a alcoholic drug addict. The only thing good in her life is Braden, he is the one thing that she holds close to her heart. And that too is taken away. Emma pays for the sins that her father has made. She pays a price that you can't even imagine.

This story is so emotional. The way the author leads you through it is amazing. There aren't rainbow and unicorns. This is a story that walks you through what victims of brutal attacks must go through. Or as close it can come. It is a strong and powerful story and I would recommend to anyone. It is dark and there a parts that aren't for the faint at heart. But it is such an amazing read!

Review of Underworld Champions (The MC OutLaw Series) by Ella Stone

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 4 stars

I was given a copy of this book by the author for an honest review

Ok so this is a very fast paced book. I finished it in one sitting. It kept intrigued.

Maddie has had a shit life. A father who was a drug addict and gave her to his dealer for payment. A mother who she thought abandoned her for some biker. Well when Maddie's dad dies she find she has no where to go and no family. Well that is until her long lost mother shows up with her step dad at the hospital. They offer her some help, but will she take it? She would do anything to get away from from Liam, the man who owns her. But does she give up one shitty life for another? And is what she thought about her mum true or has her life been nothing but lies?

Like I said this is a very fast paced book. Every time you turn the page something else is happening. And yes there is even a HOT BIKER MAN!!!

I would recommend this book to others. And I hope there is more to come from the MC Outlaws!

Review for Once More with Feeling By Megan Crane

4 stars

What would you do if after 7 years everything you thought was your perfect life is turned upside down in an instant? Once More with Feeling by Megan Crane is about that very question. Sarah thought she had the perfect life, the perfect job she loved as a lawyer, the perfect husband, and the house they loved. When Sarah comes home early one day she finds her world turned upside when she walks in on her husband and her sister together. Tim, her husband is in an auto accident and is now in a coma. Sarah decides it is time to take a journey and rediscover herself and her life without Tim. She begins to think about all of her dreams and when she gave up on them. She begins to wonder if he awakes would he want her or her sister? Could she take him back and go back to what seemed normal before the cheating? Sarah reunites with her best friend Brooke and her ex boyfriend Alec. Can Alec show her would passion in life is all about and is she willing to see it? Tim was her safe plan, Alec was a doctor with a mission to travel to distant countries and help them. Alec is not the type of guy to settle down, but could he make an exception for Sarah and is she ready for that?

I would recommend this book.

A review for "Chained" by S. K

I will admit, when I first picked up this book, I had a difficult time getting into it. Stella’s thoughts were just all over the place for me, and I was getting confused. After a few days, I gave it a second chance. Committing to stick with it (I cannot leave a book unfinished), I finished it very quickly. I began to like the characters, and couldn't wait to see where it was going. I was beginning to wonder if the children would become involved in the relationship (their mother’s having a relationship, when will they spend more time with him). The cliffhanger ending has made it quite obvious that I will be seeing Stella and Dean again, as now I have to know what will become of them, and the love that was  blossoming! If you've picked up this book, I urge you to dive in! I’m glad I did! I give this book a four star rating!


Shade is a quite town.
Shade is a peaceful town, much like its name.
If you don't think about the wolves.
Lila used to vacation here in Shade. It was fun then. She just never wanted to come here and live.  
But here she was, so she would make the best of it. At least until she was out of High School. She would keep her head down, stay out of trouble. At least until graduation. Then she could get away.
She hadn't counted on the wolves.
Why can't they leave her alone?The Popular Ones? She had nothing for them, Was this a test? Hazing?  Or something else? Should she ignore them? Or try to be friends?
Then there was Cressida. Warning her. Was she jealous? Or did she know something Lila should be aware of? She was strange, that's for sure.
  As for Reid and Sky, which one was she attracted to? One, or both? Should she pick the safe or the exciting? Did she dare let anyone too close?
 If she is ever to discover who, or or what,  she is meant to be, she has to start trusting someone. Open up, 
Get close. Let them in - become one of them. Is she strong enough? Can she survive? Is it Forbidden?
One way to find out. Join The Wolves.
A real page turner! Suspense, romance, action, and heartbreak. I couldn't put it down until I discovered Lila's fate. Can't wait to follow her on her action packed adventures!    4 stars

Review for Intimate Inspection

4 out of 5 stars

Intimate Inspection by Ava Branson is a great short story about a woman named 

Allyson who runs into her first love in an airport in Miami.

Recently divorced, Allyson is in Miami on a work assignment. When she is waiting 

in the airport security line, she sees Reed, her first love she has never forgotten. 

Fortunately he feels the same, and takes it upon himself to show her the sparks are 

still alive between them.

This was a sexy and sweet quick read. Definitely recommend this one to read!

Review for Whiter than White by G.G. Carver

4 stars

When I started reading Whiter than White by G.G. Carver, I thought I  know where this book is going. Boy, was I wrong, but in a good way. Elena White works in a bank, and her life is as about as lonely and boring as you can get. One day she is on lunch break and runs into an old friend from high school named Jasmine. Jasmine life is one that Elena wants. No worries about money, no bosses to make happy, and no boring job. Elena takes Jasmine up on her offer to help her, and gets her onto a dating website. Elena has several reply's but nobody stood out until she read one from Alan. He wants someone to accompany him on a business dinner. Elena agrees to meet him and as the date progresses things are going very well. Conrad, a business associate of Alan's, stops by to say hello. Elena finds Conrad interesting but sees he is with another woman, so she leaves it at that. Alan actually turns out to be a snake but thanks to Conrad efforts he saves Elena from a dangerous night with Alan. Elena can't help but to feel comfortable around him and agrees to spend the day with him. Elena knows Conrad is a private person and is hiding things but thinks it is business related. When she finds out the truth will she be able to trust Conrad? Alan is not done with Elena yet and he seeks revenge, but can Elena trust Conrad enough to have him help her? This is a good romance book and I would recommend it.  

Review for The Project by Ava Branson

4 Stars

Ava Branson's book The Project is a quick easy read. "Monty" short for Mariantha, needs to earn some extra money. Short of something illegal she doesn't have many options. Her sister encourages her to get her writings publish. Monty has been writing since she was a little girl and believes this is a good idea. There is only one problem, she needs help someone from her past, professor Liam Gallagher. Monty always had the biggest crush on Liam that was until he told her she needed to be spending more time with friends her own age. What Monty did not know was that Liam had feelings for Monty but he would not cross that professor/student line. After 4 years she suddenly shows up and needs his help. After reading her manuscripts, Liam doesn't know if he can help without claiming her first.

He broke the tense pause. "I'll help you" he repeated. "What exactly do you want me to do?' Monty's lips trembled, partly in relief and partly because the tone of his voice rattled her. What did she want from him? A bubble of hysteria threatened to surface when her mind flew to all the things she wanted from him. If he only knew.

I would recommend this book.