Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Eraser Blue

Megan Keith's Eraser Blue is the second story to Eraser. When "Sir" doesn't show up at his regular time on Friday night, Mackenzie feels disappointed to say the least. Her and Alex, the bartender, start to close down when someone comes in. "Sir" is there and wants to take Mackenzie home with him. He starts to tell his name when a noise distracts them. When Mackenzie goes outside she finds "Sir" in an argument with a stranger. "Sir" gets in the car and leaves but not before seeing the disappointment on her face. The next day "Sir" sends her flowers and request she let him make it up to her by taking her out to dinner. His driver picks her up and takes her to his house, where the dinner is being served. "Sir" realizes that this "relationship thing" is harder than he thought. He doesn't want Mackenzie to leave tonight. The next morning Mackenzie is awakes to a surprise. After a misunderstanding, can "Sir" prove he really wants more than a one night and will
 Mackenzie forgive him?

Quote-He stood taller, a new plan forming in his head. He needed to redeem himself in her eyes. She shouldn't be doubting his interest in her. She needed to know that his past would be erased with her. It begins and ends with Mackenzie.

This book is a dark erotica romance that contains some BDSM

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