Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Review for Whiter than White by G.G. Carver

4 stars

When I started reading Whiter than White by G.G. Carver, I thought I  know where this book is going. Boy, was I wrong, but in a good way. Elena White works in a bank, and her life is as about as lonely and boring as you can get. One day she is on lunch break and runs into an old friend from high school named Jasmine. Jasmine life is one that Elena wants. No worries about money, no bosses to make happy, and no boring job. Elena takes Jasmine up on her offer to help her, and gets her onto a dating website. Elena has several reply's but nobody stood out until she read one from Alan. He wants someone to accompany him on a business dinner. Elena agrees to meet him and as the date progresses things are going very well. Conrad, a business associate of Alan's, stops by to say hello. Elena finds Conrad interesting but sees he is with another woman, so she leaves it at that. Alan actually turns out to be a snake but thanks to Conrad efforts he saves Elena from a dangerous night with Alan. Elena can't help but to feel comfortable around him and agrees to spend the day with him. Elena knows Conrad is a private person and is hiding things but thinks it is business related. When she finds out the truth will she be able to trust Conrad? Alan is not done with Elena yet and he seeks revenge, but can Elena trust Conrad enough to have him help her? This is a good romance book and I would recommend it.  

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