Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Shade is a quite town.
Shade is a peaceful town, much like its name.
If you don't think about the wolves.
Lila used to vacation here in Shade. It was fun then. She just never wanted to come here and live.  
But here she was, so she would make the best of it. At least until she was out of High School. She would keep her head down, stay out of trouble. At least until graduation. Then she could get away.
She hadn't counted on the wolves.
Why can't they leave her alone?The Popular Ones? She had nothing for them, Was this a test? Hazing?  Or something else? Should she ignore them? Or try to be friends?
Then there was Cressida. Warning her. Was she jealous? Or did she know something Lila should be aware of? She was strange, that's for sure.
  As for Reid and Sky, which one was she attracted to? One, or both? Should she pick the safe or the exciting? Did she dare let anyone too close?
 If she is ever to discover who, or or what,  she is meant to be, she has to start trusting someone. Open up, 
Get close. Let them in - become one of them. Is she strong enough? Can she survive? Is it Forbidden?
One way to find out. Join The Wolves.
A real page turner! Suspense, romance, action, and heartbreak. I couldn't put it down until I discovered Lila's fate. Can't wait to follow her on her action packed adventures!    4 stars

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