Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Eraser Lilac

Eraser Lilac by Megan Keith is the third book in the Eraser series. Mackenzie has admired mystery man for months. Now "Sir" want more than the one night he told Mackenzie it would only be. She agrees to try to be his submissive. He wants nothing more than to have Mackenzie be his. "Sir" is still being private about his real name and Mackenzie thinks he is hiding something because of it. Mackenzie has dreamt of this moment for months and still cant believe he wants her and he wants more. "Sir" has brought her more pleasure in bed than she even thought possible. "Sir" feels that is she finds out who he truly is, she will not want to be with him. He has promised he would never lie, but could keeping a secret about who he is put a stop to this relationship? When Mackenzie finds out his real name, she is shocked, but how will she handle the truth?

Quote-"Look at me, Mackenzie...watch me," he insisted when her eyes faltered And she did. She obeyed him, keeping her eyes fixed on his, reminding him that she was exactly what he was after. He admired her obedience and was glad she sometimes fought him a little, which he too admired, she wasn't opposed to his inclinations. She was willing t try and that was important- he had many things he wanted her to try in their future.

This book is a dark erotica romance that contains some BDSM.

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