Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Review for Once More with Feeling By Megan Crane

4 stars

What would you do if after 7 years everything you thought was your perfect life is turned upside down in an instant? Once More with Feeling by Megan Crane is about that very question. Sarah thought she had the perfect life, the perfect job she loved as a lawyer, the perfect husband, and the house they loved. When Sarah comes home early one day she finds her world turned upside when she walks in on her husband and her sister together. Tim, her husband is in an auto accident and is now in a coma. Sarah decides it is time to take a journey and rediscover herself and her life without Tim. She begins to think about all of her dreams and when she gave up on them. She begins to wonder if he awakes would he want her or her sister? Could she take him back and go back to what seemed normal before the cheating? Sarah reunites with her best friend Brooke and her ex boyfriend Alec. Can Alec show her would passion in life is all about and is she willing to see it? Tim was her safe plan, Alec was a doctor with a mission to travel to distant countries and help them. Alec is not the type of guy to settle down, but could he make an exception for Sarah and is she ready for that?

I would recommend this book.

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