Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Lucky Bullet by H.S. Strickland

I really enjoyed this book. You can tell the author put a lot into the characters. They each have there own POV which I really enjoy that.

Mace is a man that has a horrible past. Phew has suffered serious lose and more than once. He now keeps him self guarded. He works as a personal investigator of sorts, he does what cops can't. And when he is shot, he ends up in her ER.

Araylia better known as Ray, is a doctor at an ER. She works her ass off to provide for her and her 3 year old son Liam. He is what drives her everyday. She has suffered through an abusive relationship with Luke and now it is just her and Liam. She has 3 older brothers and her Nanny to help her though.  Then one night he comes into her ER.

Ray and Mace meet and have that instance chemistry. Which is apparent with Mace! Their relationship happens fast. It goes from one date to Ray and Liam having to move in with Mace.

This was an intense book. I did find that once I started it, it was hard to put this down. I can't wait to read more from this other.  This is a stand alone book.

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