Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Eraser by Megan Keith is an erotic novella. Mackenzie Reed worked in an upscale bar/lounge for several years. For the past several months she has admired the mysterious man that comes in every Friday night. On a particular slow night he invites her to sit and talk. He propositions her for a night of pleasure. He also tells her there are some rules. It will be a one night stand, no repeats, and she will only address him by "Sir". When this couple gets together it is like fireworks on the fourth of July. The next morning he tells her to leave. She is a little disappointed by knew it was one night. "Sir" loved Mackenzie's sassy attitude. He has wanted her for a awhile but will one night be enough?

Quote-"Why should I go with you? what have you got to offer me?" she asked anyway, feeling cheeky, a grin appearing on her lips.

"I can offer you pleasure like you've never known before." The grin left Mackenzie's face. I will make you change your perspective on what good sex feels like. Once you've been with me, you will compare every man you are with afterwards to me. I will erase every memory of every man you have ever been with, good and bad."

"How can you be so sure?" she asked her voice small and quiet.

"Because I know you."

This book is a dark erotica romance, which contains BDSM.

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